Hello students, parents, and colleagues. I am Eric Davolt. I have been in education since January of 1997. In the past I have been a para-professional, computer teacher, athletic director, coach, intervention coordinator, and mostly a physical education teacher. The 2016-2017 school year will be my third year at Cortines High School. I hope to see students not only performing at grade level, but becoming responsible in their nutrition and fitness habits. In my classes you will see that the “education” part of physical education is stressed. This will not be a walk in the park, which you should do once in awhile, you will need to work hard. I believe that physical education should be as rigorous as any other class. It’s not “just P.E.”

Now that you have met me professionally here is a little bit about me personally. I have been married for 22 years to the love of my life and we have four incredible children. Our youngest, Boston, is going into 4th grade. Micah is 13 years old and going into eighth grade. London is 15 and in tenth grade (At Cortines High School). Our oldest is Izaq. He is 17 and is a senior at Arcadia high school.

I love endurance sports. I have been a runner since I was 13 and haven’t stopped. I did an Ironman triathlon in May of 2011 a lifelong goal finally reached. I am planning on running a 100 mile race in the near future as well as hiking the John Muir trail, which is 211 miles. It will take lots of hard work, but I have a great support system.

This is going to be an AMAZING year!

If you would like to read my professional blog click mrphysicaleducation.com


Have you ever had a simple question to ask, but forgot to? Have you ever wondered about something in your physical education class, but you were not at school? Where do you go to get your questions answered? All your easy to answer questions for Mr. Davolt’s physical education class are located right here. No more wondering. No more wishing I knew.

Do I really have to put on my physical education uniform?

Yes, you must change into your official Cortines High School uniform everyday. No exceptions without a doctor or parent note requesting you not to dress. Changing is important for being able move appropriately and for safety.

Can I wear sweat pants or sweat shirt?

Yes, if the temperature is lower than 70 degrees.

Can I eat food in the locker room, gym, pool, or field?

No! We do NOT want bugs or rodents to come in these areas. Please keep all food in designated eating areas.

Where do buy my physical education uniform?

At the student store.

Can I use the restroom?

Yes, you can. Though you need to do it at the beginning or end of class when you are changing your clothes.

Do you post your grades on School Loop?